The Nut Shoppe has always been about creating quality products with quality ingredients. So when we were approached by our customers who were looking for our service and quality in an organic product, we decided that it was time to make a complete shift to organics.

In December 2008, we opened our first certified organic facility in Aurora, Ontario and it opened many opportunities for our family business to grow. While in this facility we expanded our product line to include multiple spiced products and several varieties of trail mixes. Through this expansion it was very important to us to continue our high level of product quality in creating these new products.


In addition to our organic certificate we have always followed good manufacturing processes to prevent cross contamination of our products, especially with the production of peanuts. We use gluten free and non GMO ingredients, to ensure that anyone can enjoy our products.

With the creation of our new products and the support from our customers we were able to move into a larger facility in December of 2017, to better serve our customers and continue to innovate new flavours and product line, which now include our almond and peanut butters.